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Conway Brock, Attorneys at Law is an estate planning and probate law firm. We know you have many options to choose from when seeking an attorney. The difference between working with us and other attorneys is that we are certified estate planning, trust and probate attorney by the Ohio State Bar Association. The OSBA certifies select attorneys who have a well-respected history of client services and who pass rigorous testing, demonstrate the highest level of legal knowledge, professional ethics and years of experience in their fields of law.

Estate Planning Is Essential For Adults

In a rapidly changing world with ever-changing certainties, an estate plan provides individuals and families tangible proof that they have clearly communicated their wishes for their health care treatment, assigned an agent to take care of their business matters and expressed their wishes for the care of their minor children in case they are unable to do so because of incapacity while they are alive. At the very least, your estate plan will also include a will to designate an executor of your estate to handle your final affairs, including paying final debts and taxes, and distributing your assets to those you choose. If you do not have a will, your assets are subject to distribution under Ohio’s probate statutes. This could be frustrating and time-consuming for your family.

Depending on your circumstances, a trust may also be part of your estate plan. Wills and trusts serve different functions in your estate plan. Mike takes the time with each client to craft an estate plan tailored to suit their needs. He will do the same for you.

Has Your Family Recently Lost A Loved One?

Probate and administration of your family member’s estate will depend on several factors. Did they have an estate plan including a will or a trust? If not, the distribution of your family member’s estate will be according to Ohio’s probate laws. But not all assets or estates will have to go through probate. It is best to seek the advice of an experienced probate and estate administration lawyer as soon as possible following the death of your loved one.

Initial Consultations Are Complimentary

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