Mediation of Probate Disputes

Resolving Estate Conflicts Without A Legal Fight

A death in the family does not always bring people closer together. Sometimes the grieving and healing is interrupted by inheritance disputes. These conflicts can pit family members against each other and cause long-term rifts. Probate litigation can also be long and expensive, draining the estate.

There is a better way – mediation. Dayton attorneys Mike Conway and Corrie Brock are certified probate law specialists with 45 years of experience helping Ohio families through the heavy burdens of estate administration. Mike and Corrie can serve as a neutral mediator to help you work out a peaceable and practical resolution.

Consider Mediation Of Your Probate Dispute

Settling the estate of a loved one is difficult enough. Disagreements about the wishes of the departed or accusations of treachery are amplified by the strong emotions and high stakes.

Mike Conway and Corrie Brock can be the “middleman” to guide you to a solution. They are one of the handful of court-approved mediators for probate matters in Montgomery County and Greene County. At the Law Office of Conway & Brock, we have helped families resolve all sorts of estate disputes, such as:

  • Dividing the estate when the will is ambiguous
  • Providing for a family member who was left out of the will
  • Partition actions when siblings inherit real estate
  • What to do with the family business now that Dad is gone
  • Retrieving assets that were improperly taken from the estate
  • Which daughter should be the guardian when Mom is declared incompetent

These are just a sample of the issues that divide families and get in the way of efficient administration. Mike and Corrie have handled every scenario and is familiar with large and complex estates involving trusts, vacation properties, valuables and closely held businesses.

There’s Always A Solution

Mike Conway and Corrie Brock are certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as an estate planning, trust and probate attorney. He is also a non-practicing CPA (certified public accountant). We draw on that legal and financial background – including experience with will contests and other probate litigation – to help the parties find a way forward. Our philosophy as a mediator is to keep probing and prodding, asking questions and offering perspectives, until the parties come up with an agreement they each can live with.

At the Law Office of Conway & Brock, there is no charge for initial consultations. To explore mediation, call the Dayton office at 937-294-8807 or use the email contact form.

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